South volleyball new head coach brings positive energy to the program

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 10:42 PM CDT
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The South Bison volleyball team has a new head coach this season, Cherisa Applehunt. Coach Applehunt has experience coaching volleyball at the high school JV level. She is happy to be coaching at South and has plans to make the volleyball program grow. "I'm here to support them in every way and give them the tools and now its their turn to go out there and make a difference" said Coach Applehunt.

South has an overall record this season of 4-19 but the team doesn't dwell on the mistakes, they fix it and move on. "its always positive its nothing really negative its definitely something of we need to fix this and this is how were gonna get out of it but its more of improvement rather than telling you what your doing wrong" said Junior Kiley Still.

The team only has five seniors this season and the seniors make sure to always bring positive energy like Coach Applehunt has taught them. "when we make a mistake we don't look at each other like oh that's something you did wrong we look at each other like hey you got that next time how can I help you and make you persevere more" said Senior Tija Beckett. The team focuses on getting better at every practice and every game. "in practice we start the score like sometimes 5 to like 15 and we will make our way to have to fight to go win to 25 so its just like pushing and being positive on the court" said Junior Calysta Martinez.

No matter what the scoreboard says, the Bison will remain positive the rest of this season and Coach Applehunt see's a big win coming in the future. "she brings a very new positive energy and atmosphere to the team and we really wanna work hard for her cause she wants it for us" said Sophomore Kayla Lesh.

The Bison have four more games this season before the regional tournament starts.

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