South high school football team hosts 7 on 7 tournament

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- This is the second year South has held this 7 on 7 tournament and they had more teams come out to play this summer.

Senior Tannon Vantassel says"teams are really out of state coming in to give us newer looks, looks that we havent normally seen like in state that we normally see"

This is a way for the Bison to play different competition and try out some different positions.

Senior Zayne Vankirk says"everybody was working real good together and were just kinda more experimenting today just working on each others speed getting each other hyped up for the season."

The seniors on the team say they have been doing 7 on 7 games since they started playing football at South and this really helps them when the fall season comes around.

Senior Jospeh Hanson says "i guess it helps us get a look at what players need to be in certain positions and what we need to work on in our coverage and things like that"

The teams biggest goal is to make playoffs this season.

Senior Daquan Evans says"i feel like ive improved throughout the year and its my senior year so i wanna give it everything that i can"

Vantassel says"were really looking to go father than weve ever gone before we really wanna try hard and get into the playoffs and doing good in the playoffs and having another chance."