"Shoot Guns, Raise Money, Have Fun" set for June 27

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -- Out on Shadow Ridge Drive to the northwest of Cheyenne, a makeshift shooting range has been set up for people to come try out this weekend.

The inaugural event -- titled "Shoot Guns, Raise Money, Have Fun" -- will allow attendees to come out and use firearms to shoot at markers along the range.

According to Shane Edeburn, an organizer for the event and owner of Edeburn Construction, the idea for it began when the owner of Mr. B's Heating and Cooling decided he wanted to show support for local veterans.

"Brian has coins that he gives to the vets when he goes out and does work for them, and his first batch of coins got printed wrong," he says. "And he said he wanted to do something, because that was for the vets... So he was like, 'We oughta shoot them.'"

Coins will be affixed to markers along the range -- 100 meters, 200 meters and 300 meters, respectively -- and if attendees manage to hit the coins, they can keep them.

Edeburn set up the markers himself, taking nearly a week to get the targets built properly.

While there are no current plans to continue on with future events, Edeburn says he wouldn't be opposed to the idea; it will largely depend on how well the event does.

"I'm not sure how it's gonna turn out, but we're gonna try to do some good," he says. "We'd just like to tell the vets, 'Thank you.'"

Those wanting to participate can pay $20 for 10 shots.

While coin-shoots will be available for most of the day, Stag Arms will be managing the course from 12 - 4 P.M. to allow attendees to demo their firearms.

Stag Arms Manufacturing, a rifle manufacturer in Cheyenne, will provide such firearms as their AR-10s and AR-15s.

According to the company, the event was a good opportunity to market their goods while also helping out the community.

"Some people wanted to get together and throw a party and invite the community out to see what Stag Arms is all about," says Dave Hartman, the marketing manager for Stag Arms. "And to raise money for a good charity -- we thought it would be a good idea."

Roughly 200-400 people are expected to attend throughout the day, though Edeburn says he will have approximately 80 acres of land available for the event to prevent contagion.

In addition to the coin-shoots, there will be a bouncy castle set up for children, live music playing from 12-6 P.M. and a raffle for items such as lawn mowers, barbecue grills and Dewalt-brand tools.

Non-alcoholic refreshments will also be provided.

All funds raised from the event will go toward Veterans Remembrance Memorial to help Wyoming veterans.

For more information or to contact the event's organizers, visit their Facebook page.