Sewer pipe clean up

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CHEYENNE, Wyo (RELEASE) - Sanitary sewer backups are devastating events to homes and businesses. They can cause costly property damage and pose health hazards. The City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities is committed to trying to prevent sanitary sewer backups by performing various types of maintenance to the sewer pipes. These include using jet trucks to clean sewer lines, a robotic camera to inspect pipes and applying chemical and mechanical root control measures.

Roots actively seek nutrients like those found in sewer mains. Small roots can penetrate sewer lines through small cracks, joints or pin-holes. But as the plant grows, so does the root. After time, either the sewer line breaks, large root balls form and/or roots start catching solids and paper causing clogs and costly backups.

With the use of the robotic camera, the Board’s crews make note if there are roots intruding into the sewer mains. The Board treats sewer mains with foaming agents that coats the interior of the sewer main with an environment-friendly herbicide, doing away with the roots in the pipe with little harm to the plant or tree.

“This preventative maintenance for the wastewater collection system removes roots and inhibits roots from growing into the sewer main for about two years,” said Wayne Packard, Board’s Operation and Maintenance Collection Supervisor. Starting on Monday, August 13, 2018, the Board’s third-party contractor, Duke’s Root Control, will treat about 15 miles of sewer mains throughout Cheyenne for roots. The root treatment project will last 3-4 weeks.

Remember that the sewer lateral, or the pipe from the house/building to the public sewer main, including the sewer tap is the owner’s responsibility. That means the sewer lateral is the owner’s responsibility to maintain and/or repair due to roots or other issues. The Board uses preventative measures throughout the year, like root treatments to maintain sewer mains. Basically, the Board gets to the root of sewer main issues.