Second Homicide in Cheyenne in 2018

Published: Dec. 6, 2018 at 6:40 PM CST
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Although most in the area saw the number of police and sheriff vehicles outside of 3338 Belaire Avenue on Wednesday night, not all heard anything related to it.

Local resident Bruce Loshbaugh who lives in the area, said that he was taking a nap when the shots were fired. Family called him when they saw what was going on. That was when he decided to step outside and take a look. He said, “There it is so I saw a lot of cops. I’ve seen a bunch of cop cars and etcetera and things like that.”

Officer Malatesta of the Cheyenne Police Department said, “Anytime law enforcement officers hear of a loss of life incident where someone may be killing people or something like that they’re going to respond.” That was why there were so many vehicles on the scene.

It was a confirmed homicide, though the identity of the victim has not been released while family is being notified. The suspect in custody is Charles Richmond, 78, who is from Cheyenne.