More "tracks and suspected tracks" found in search for Joey Peterson

Volunteers check a map before they go out and search for Joey Peterson

The search for Joey Peterson continues, and the searched area continues to grow.

The Natrona County Sheriff’s Office, along with the aid of several other agencies, is using multiple K-9 teams, human tracking experts, mounted search teams, and drones.

Authorities are searching an area several miles from Joey’s house where they think he walked through. On Saturday, November 16, a search team located Joey’s track. The track was positively identified as Joey’s because they matched prints near Joey’s home that were confirmed to be his, and indicated he was traveling towards a very steep mountainous region.

NCSO said Drone Kings, the company providing the drone footage in the search, is partnering with Viper Imaging to process the footage more efficiently.

Joey Peterson has been missing since November 10th, when the autistic 16-year-old wandered off from his home located in the area of Goose Creek and Hat Six road, in south eastern Natrona County.