SNAP benefits for February will be distributed early

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - Food stamp recipients could receive SNAP benefits by January 20.

Due to the partial federal government shutdown, the US Department of Agriculture has requested states provide an early issuance of February SNAP benefits in order to use available funding. Wyoming families eligible for SNAP will receive their February benefit by Sunday, January 20. This means the Department of Family Services needs to process January recertification paperwork by January 15, 2019.

This is not an additional benefit for SNAP recipients. Families who receive the early issuance will not receive another issuance in the month of February.

DFS has granted an extension to families who were set to renew SNAP benefits in January for February, in order to ensure they receive February benefits. These families will be required to renew benefits in February. Those families will need to turn in an application next month to determine ongoing eligibility. Any new eligible applications received in January will receive January benefits but are at risk for not receiving February benefits. The DFS eligibility staff will be working to get as many cases processed as possible.

If a family is eligible for February benefits, they will receive their February monthly benefit on the following dates:

Last name and date
A-D January 16, 2019
E-K January 17, 2019
L-R January 18, 2019
S-Z January 19, 2019

DFS does not anticipate there will be any more SNAP funding available after the February issuance until the shutdown ends. DFS is encouraging people to donate funds, food, or volunteer at local food banks and similar organizations that may see an increase of customers if the shutdown continues.