Rusty junk flea market brings in antique shoppers

MILLS Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The sun and a Saturday event brought out lots of community members to the parking lot of Off The Beaten Path antique store.

Customers load up their finds and leave satisfied. The customers told Wyoming News Now that they come every year.

Shianne Huston, owner of Off the Beaten Path, said it's good to see people out and about again.

“It’s good to see people not afraid to get out. I never shut down during all this I was open the whole time, but business was definitely slower and now it’s starting to pick back up” Huston said.

The Rusty junk flea market is traveling. There were antique vendors with unique items set up in the parking lot.

“We consign at certain shops. We have a lot of flea markets. We run a few different rings,” said Jim Mevissen, an antique consignor who organizes flea markets.

Mevissen adds because something is old doesn’t mean it’s an antique. It has to be something people collect.

“We buy and sell anything from Patroleona signage to household items to tools,” Mevissen said.

Also, buying items from people has helped some community members since the outbreak of COVID-19.

“We’re going around and helping people pay rent because we are buying their stuff from them,” Mevissen said.

Signs on vendors booth’s and inside Off the Beaten Path are there to remind shoppers to keep a six feet distance from others.

“I don’t think coronavirus can live on rusted junk so I think we are pretty safe there,” Mevissen said.

If community members have antique items to sell him call (307) 797-5230.

Off the Beaten Path’s hours are:10 5 p.m Tuesday through Friday.