Response from Preferred Management LLC.

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Preferred Management LLC did take some time to respond to accusations made by a Cheyenne couple.

Below is a copy of the response given via email :
Preferred Management LLC would like the opportunity to respond to the claims made by Dr. Christopher Brown as follows:
Dr. Brown & Ms. Jones signed the Lease in our office on Aug 27, 2018. A service animal was added to the Lease.
We do not recalled that they asked to see the unit and we would not refuse to arrange an appointment to show them.
Lease started Sep 10, 2018 and Tenants paid pro-rated Sep rent, prepaid “last” month rent and transferred utility into their name.
Sep 11, Tenant returned move-in checklist and a maintenance work order was established Sep 11 to go over the list with the Tenants.
On Sep 18, our maintenance person contacted Dr. Brown and was told by Dr Brown that he would not let anyone in his house. If the conditions were as bad as Dr. Brown claimed, why did he refused to allow us to inspect the unit?
NO other conversations, phone calls, texts, emails were received at any other time concerning the condition of the apartment despite their claims that they contacted us repeatedly to correct the “serious” conditions.
Three and one-half months later, Preferred Management is presented with accusations, demands, and threats from Dr Brown that we were negligent and taking advantage of them.
Preferred Management LLC has been in business for 26 years and management personnel have over 40 years individually in managing properties for Property Owners. You do not stay in business this long by treating people as Dr Brown claims. We strive to maintain properties in good condition for our Owners and occupying Tenants. We have a good reputation with our Owners and Real Estate Professionals and continually work to maintain our good standing in Cheyenne.
Thank you,
Gale Anderson
Preferred Management, LLC.