Residents seeking Justice and Peace

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Last year, 49 year old Robbie Ramirez was shot and killed by Albany County Sheriff's Office deputy, Derek Colling.

PHOTO: March for our Lives protest, Photo Date: 3/24/2018

Earlier this year it was announced that a grand jury ruled Colling's shooting of Ramirez was justified and Colling would not be indicted.

Just two days after the shooting Albany county for proper policing or A-Copp was formed.

It is a group of citizens in Laramie seeking more accountability and transparency from Elected Officials and law Enforcement.

In Laramie members of A-Copp were gathering in front of the Albany county courthouse to remember the life of Ramirez.

A-Copp has been continuing to call for change since the ruling.

"We feel the safety of the county and the city should be in the best interest of our courthouse and our sheriffs department, and all law officials," Laramie Resident Q-Ball Freouf said.

The Group has plans to take their protest to the attorney generals office next.