Make way for the remover

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Just because it's winter time doesn't mean you want to be stuck indoors. When it snows, the streets are hardly desirable for folks to drive on.

The City Of Cheyenne Streets Department is always on snow patrol. Cheyenne, Wyo. Meet sonny the snow plow guy.

"I guess you can say it just like that, i'm just a snow plow guy, there's a whole crew of us, when the weather turns south, we're out here in it. We try and keep the citizens safe and the streets passable so folks can get around and do their business," City of Cheyenne Plow Driver Alton "Sonny" Cross said.

Depending on weather severity sonny shift can turn from 10 hour shift, to a 24 hour bender.

Sonny is a married man, that works these long hours and sometimes his duties may take him away from home, So how does his wife feel about him plowing?

"She used to it, we been married for 39 years, i been working with the streets department for 35, she understands how this works," City of Cheyenne Plow Driver Alton "Sonny" Cross said.

Cleaning the streets no matter the weather is a year long job for sonny and his crew.

"Just about everything we do is weather related somehow, if not we're out plowing chasing snow, patching potholes and sweeping streets," City of Cheyenne Plow Driver Alton "Sonny" Cross said.

Sonny the plow guy also says serving his community as snow plower is a honor, and when there is ice and snow, take it slow.