Regional Training Center high school graduation in Casper

Published: Jun. 7, 2019 at 10:15 AM CDT
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College is not the only successful option for students, and today seven local high school grads graduated with their certificate to go into a construction job.

We spoke to these teens to see what their future looks like now.

We all know there is a shortage of trade jobs in Wyoming.

With CTE programs in our high schools, local employers are able to grab young hard-working individuals straight out of high school.

"It means investing in our youth you know someone invested in me 18 when I was 18 in the mines and its a good opportunity to get skilled people that live in Casper not bringing in outside from outside of state." John Mondoc of 71 construction safety manager

These graduates all found jobs right away.

There are a few the city of Casper hired, some that 71 construction hired, AI innovations and TDS construction.

"So this program was given as an elective course and I didn't even know that it existed until my woodshop teacher said hey you look like you would enjoy this so why don't you talk to Mrs. Holiday about it and I wound up here." Said Coltan Rickett, a City of Casper worker

Choosing to go right into working is not taking the easy way out... They are also walking into jobs at higher pay than most college graduates and will be debt free.

"This is not easy this is definitely not easy this is it's hard because of all the safety it's insanely dangerous." Said Katherine Pennett heavy Equipment Operator 71 construction

"I would say this is not the easy way out as opposed to going to college I mean sure I'm making a lot more money than a college graduate would be right out the gate and I'm not in debt but it was certainly a very hard thing to learn."

And for all you females, don't think you can't work in construction.

"It's honestly super fun also females tend to do better than the guys so definitely an ego boost."

These programs help shape the future for so many students, and giving these students the opportunity to learn these skills young and have a job right out of high school can also help the trade industries flourish.