Recover Wyoming helps those struggling from addiction

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Addiction.

It affects over 40 million Americans over the age of 12 according to the Center on Addiction.

In Cheyenne, the police department sees a correlation between property crimes and drug offenses.

Laura Griffith, the Executive Director of Recover Wyoming said; "in our active addiction, we will do anything to get money, to get support, to get what we need. it's a very self-centered disease."

She says she has 4 DUI's on her record, and she's been in residential treatment 6 times.

"and every time, I really believed I was fixed. I really believed I had this until I picked up a drink and it all took over." Siad Griffith.

She says she came to Cheyenne in the backseat of a highway patrol vehicle after driving the wrong way on i-80.

Eventually, going through another six months of treatment.

"it really changed my life."

After getting the skills to put her recovery first, she eventually started Recover Wyoming, a non-profit focusing on serving those seeking recovery from addiction.

Theresa Wilson, a person in long-term recovery, said, "I sat across the street here and waited for them to open. I came in, with just the clothes on my back. I had nothing and I had no one. I had basically lost everything. I walked in and I found Laura. Laura saved me."

Wilson said she became addicted to heroin after becoming addicted to opioids prescribed to her following a car accident.

"when you wake up in the morning that's all you're thinking about is your next fix." Wilson said.

She says she is celebrating over 300 days of sobriety but knows things don't always end happily.

"this past year I've lost 3 people to addiction. That's the hardest part is losing people you love to addiction. they're not bad people. we're not bad people."

But she says Recover Wyoming is there to remind her that she made it through alive.

"Every day when I wake up, I am thankful."