Recent arrests in Laramie County from May 24th to May 27th, 2019

LARAMIE COUNTY, Wyo. - Recent arrests in Laramie County from May 24th to May 27th, 2019

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Jordan Williams, 30, FTP, Probation Violation, Marijuana Possession
Michael White, 36, Refusing to Obey, Resist Arrest
Michael Welty, 38, Interference with Peace Officer, Interference with Peace Officer, Larceny, Destruction of Property
Robert Timberlake, 28, Larceny
Trevor Sytsma, 26, Giving False Identity, Shoplifting
Tyson Smith, 31, Burglary, Theft, Destruction of Property, Burning/Negligent, Possession of Marijuana, Under Influence of Controlled Substance, Criminal Trespass
Gilberto Saenz Perez, 50, DQUI, Open Container, Exhibition of Acceleration
Jack Runnels 2, 48, Public Intox
Trent Rogers, 53, Driving under Suspended/Subsequent Violations, Expired/Improper Registration, No Insurance, Possession of Marijuana
Timothy Quast, 35, WY Warrant
Grady Prince, 59, DUI
Wade Prehn, 44, Public Intox
Stephen Polston, 34, Wyoming Warrant, FTA
Lonnie Moffitt, 44, Strangulation of a Household Member
Kenneth Martinez, 51, Public Intox
Devin Martinez, 20, DWUI
Jay King, 22, DUI, Fail to Maintain Lane/Unsafe Lane Change
Kenneth Jenkins, 35, Interference with Peace Officer, Agg Assault on Peace Officer
Allonce Hair, 18, Assaul Agg Threat w/ Weapon, Possession of Marijuana, Interference with Peace Officer, DUI, Open Container
Jennifer Garcia, 35, Theft, Stolen Property
Brady Gale, 26, DWUI, Lane Use
Bret Carlson, 62, Possession of Controlled Substance, Driving Under the Influence of Controlled Substance, Speeding
Brian Bell, 47, Assault Agg w/Inj w/Deadly Weapon, Interference w/ Peace Officer, FTA
Maria Aguilar Lopez, 49, Public Intox