Recent arrests in Laramie County September 30 to October 3

LARAMIE COUNTY, Wyo. - Recent arrests in Laramie County September 30 to October 3

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Leroy Ramos, 32, Sale/Del. Meth, Possession Meth Type Drug, FTA
Chelsea Rainwater, 25, Sale/Del. Cocaine/Heroin/etc.
Paul Griego, 53, Public Intox, Open Containe
Robin Gonzales, 53, Public Intox
Thomas Connell, 31, Theft, FTA
Stephanie Chase, 38, Fraud, Fraud, FTP, Motor Vehicle Theft
James Smith, 22, Domestic Battery
Drey Mckenney, 26, DUI
Andy Lovato, 23, Criminal Trespass, Motor Vehicle Theft, Fighting/Riotous Conduct
Savanna Leflet, 31, FTA, FTA, Possession Marijuana
Pablo Ibarra, 38, Conspiracy to Distribute Met, Poss Meth w/ intent to Distribute
Tasena Houldson, 33, Endanger Child-Drugs
Ruben Hernandez, 22, Domestic Battery
Demeitreus Drew,46, US Marshal Hold
Shaun Davis, DUI, Fail to Maintain Lane, No Liability Insurance
Jonathan Cartajena-Galaviz, 29, Conspiracy to Distribute Meth, Possess Meth with Intent to Distribute
Scott Ballast, 33, US Marshal Hold
Daniel Carlson, 33, Public Intox, Unlawful Entry onto Property, Shoplifting
Keith Grace, 37, FTA, Control Subs/Liquor into Jail
Bernadette Gunn, 39, Forgery, FTA, FTC
James Hansen, 51, Domestic Assault
Warren Harlow, 48, Under Influence Controlled Substance, Possession Marijuana Type – Misd
Matthew LaLonde, 31, Possession on Meth Powder, Possession Controlled Substance
Dayne McCart, 21, DUI, Driving Under Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked License
Derek Mcnally, 29, Municipal Warrant, Giving False Identity
Sheila Morgando, 56, Criminal Entry
Michael Vallez, 34, FTP, Possession Meth Type Drug
Chris Willmer, 46, Possession Cocaine/Heroin Type
Deion Davis, 26, Unlawful Entry into Occupied Structure, Domestic Battery, Assault/Battery
Rickey McCrary, 44, Domestic Assault
Michael Reid, 19, Interfering/Obstructing, Fighting/Riotous Conduct, Underage Alcohol
Charles Stewart, 22, Public Intox