Recent arrests in Laramie County Sept 6-8

LARAMIE COUNTY, Wyo. Recent arrests in Laramie County Sept 3-6
All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Evan Yates, 64, Refusing to obey, Unlawful entry into house, Violent-tumultuous to property, Individual possessing an open container or consuming alcohol on private property.
Andrew Weaver, 24, Theft <$1,000, Possession methamphetamine- misdemeanor
Misty Stricker, 41, Interference with peace officer, Criminal entry, Possession methamphetamine- misdemeanor, Possession marijuana
Hassan Said, 27, 2 counts possession controlled substance 3rd time or more
Charles Reynaud De la Gardette, 30, DUI
Angelina Najar, 28, DUI, Maintain lane
Sherry McIntosh, 58, Burglary- agg. Deadly weapon, Assault agg. Threat w/ weapon, Assault agg. w/inj w/deadly weapon, Destruction property <$1,000
Michael Lyons, 52, Possession methamphetamine- misdemeanor
Antonio Lee, 43, Failure to register as sex offender
Jordin Hall, 28, Domestic Battery
Carlos Givhan, 40, Suspended driver’s license, DUI, Speed residential area, Red light
Tyler Fleming, 28, Failure to appear warrant, Possession powdery substance
Nathan Figgs, 24, DUI
Tillman Dickson, 28, Domestic Battery
James Cooper, 27, DUI
Brian Charpentier, 18, DUI, Underage individual buying, selling, possessing, consuming, solicit alcohol, Vehicle registration required, Failure to appear
Jason Brooks, 54, Resist arrest, Public intoxication
Rhonda Bromwell, 59, Domestic battery
Michael Baker, 34, DWUI, Under the Influencer (CMV), Open container (CMV)
Luther Anderson, 52, DUI/Drug Court Hold