Recent arrests in Laramie County, Nov. 2 – 7

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (WyomingNewsNow) – Recent arrests in Laramie County, Nov. 2 – 7

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Dustin Yearout, 41, Possession meth, Possession marijuana
Brian Poitra, 22, Possession of marijuana
Jodi Nelson, 41, Interference with peace officer, Possession meth
Antonia Lee, 43, District court warrant, possession meth
Tarique Jeske,24, DUI, Possession meth, Fail to maintain lane, Duty to stop PD
Irene Jackson, 59, DUI, Proof of liability insurance, Seatbelt, U-turn
Lovina Alcon, 31, Failure to appear, Battery, Criminal entry, Destruction of property
Craig Zerbe, 45, DUI, Interference with peace officer, Stop on highway, WY Warrant
Michael Solis, 53, Interference with peace officer, Possession meth
Pamela Oak, 36, DUI
Kelsea MacPherson, 26, DUI, Duty to stop PI, Follow to close
Jordan McFarland, 21, Child endangering – health
Marilynn Lojka, 37, Stolen property, Interference with peace officer, Possession meth, Failure to pay
Derek Johnson, 50, DUI
Gordon Hart III, Unlawful entry, Possession marijuana
Nathanial Franks, 25, Interference with peace officer
Patrick Erikson, 39, Breach of peace, Possession meth
Nicholas Carlson, 30, Domestic assault, Battery
Bryan Turner, 31, Unlawful Entry
Gilbert Tovar, 42, DUI
Michael Stough, 66, DWUI, Left scene of accident, Fail to maintain lane, Open container
Wade Prehn, 44, Interference with peace officer, Criminal trespass
Gerald Penaflor, Jr., 22, DUI
Julia Pacheco, 20, Domestic battery
Norman Obland, 47, DUS
Richard Norris, 24, Unlawful entry
Jodi Nelson, 41, Probation violation, Interference with peace officer, Possession of meth
Cody Maurer, 21, Domestic battery
Wesley Lerwick, 21, DUI, Lane use, Open container, Seatbelt
Rigoberto Hernandez, 30, Interference with emergency call, Interference with peace officer
Theopheleus Gabriel, 33, Domestic battery, Violation protection order
Gina Carabajal, 39, Theft, Stolen property
Arnfulo Castillo, 35, DUI, No DL, Open container
Sarah Carlson, 36, Domestic battery
Joseph Canaday, 42, Domestic battery, Interference with peace officer
Sondra Bennett, 30, DUI
Todd Bauman, 39, DUI, Speed
Misty Stricker-Romero, 41, Possession marijuana, Unlawful entry
Ethan Soto, 20, Possession cocaine, Interference with peace officer Controlled substance into jail, Possession pill form
Devin Salazar, 21, DUI, Stop sign
Robert Rodriguez, 47, Under influence of controlled substance, Controlled substance into jail
Donna Fletcher, 56, Agg assault with injury with deadly weapon x2, Criminal trespass x2, Destruction of property x2
Kenneth Waters, Jr., 29, Sale/Delivery Marijuana x 4, Sale/Delivery LSD x 4
Kevin Pascua, 26, Domestic battery, Child endangering, Strangulation of household member
Jacob Garcia, 30, District court warrant, Giving false identity, Driving under cancelled, suspended, or revoked license, No insurance, Expired registration
Thomas Dyson, Sr., 40, Criminal trespass, Interference with peace officer