Recent arrests in Laramie County May 11 to May 14

LARAMIE COUNTY, Wyo. - All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Jermain Wright, 41, Interference with Peace Officer, Strangulation of Household Member, Assault Agg W/Inj W/Deadly Weapon, Domestic Battery
Benson Njoroge, 24, Fighting/Riotous Conduct, Public Intox
Justin Hasenauer, 38, DUI/Drug Court Hold
Isabel Garcia, 19, Domestic Battery, Possession Marijuana Type
Roger Dutton, 52, Resist Arrest, Unlawful Entry onto Property, Public Intox
Joey Carabajal, 43, Interference with Peace Officer
Edward Carabajal, 19, Assault/Battery, Interference with Peace Officer, Breach of Peace, Possession Marijuana Type
Nicholas Niles, 40, Interference with Peace Officer
Charles Stewart III, 23, DUI, Notice to Police
Vernon Tennant, 34, Possession Cocaine/Heroin Type, Possession Marijuana Type, Possession Methamphetamine Type, Criminal Entry
Jonathan Boznango, 51, Burglary, Possession Powdery Substance, Possession Liquid
Gordon Hart III, 41, Public Intox, Urinate in Public, Possess/Use Drugs Amphetamine Type
Lonnie Lieurance, 28, Forgery-Uttering, Forgery-Uttering, Forgery-Uttering, Forgery-Uttering, Conspiracy
Felix Santos, 46, Fighting/Riotous Conduct, Unlawful Entry onto Property
Wyatt Lamb, 26, Interfering/Obstructing, Resist Arrest, Rude/Improper/Indecent Behavior, Profane/Obscene/Provocative Language, Violent-Tumultuous To Property, Unlawful Entry onto Property
Matthew Vandevoort, 41, Domestic Battery