Recent arrests in Laramie County, June 24-28

Here's the arrest report for June 2019 from the Bay County Sheriff's Office. (MGN)
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Recent arrests in Laramie County, June 24-28

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Jessie Swinford, 30, Court order, Defraud drug screening
Michael Swartz, 50, Malicious mischief, Public intoxication
Adrian Samora, 36, Manufacture or deliver controlled substance, PCS controlled substance (x2), FTP
Kyle Rozell, 30, Possession of meth, Possession with intent to deliver meth, FTC
Alan Romero, 27, Possession of meth
Larry Robertson II, 46, Laramie county warrant, Felony possession of controlled substance, Intent to deliver
David Mert, 24, Assault
Ronald McNeill, Jr., 31, Larceny – shoplifting (x2)
Jason Lewis, Failure to register as sex offender
Allonce Hair, 18, Interference with peace officer, Reckless endangering, Possession of marijuana
Ashley Gutierrez, 30, Interference with peace officer, Taking controlled substance into jail
Stephen Garcia, Jr., 53, Domestic battery
Jacob Bravo-Garris, 33, Possession of marijuana, Possession of powdery substance
Jacob Bunning, 20, Assault-battery
Allissa Arellano, 21, district probation violation, PCS meth
Anthony West, 35, Domestic battery, Destruction of property
Joshua Rice, 30, Use of toxic substances
Richard Hil, 39, Domestic assault
Tiffany Hamilton, 33, Failure to register of as sex offender
Steven Edwars, Jr., 45, Fail to register as sex offender
Steven Dickinson, 25, Interference with peace officer
James Jeffery, 57, Reckless endangering
Matthew rose, 29, Forgery uttering (x5)
Michael Wilson, 29, Child abuse
Joshua Wallace, 28, Breach of peace (x2), Criminal entry
Rick Studer, 61, Fail to register as sex offender
Terry Pierce, 56, Public intoxication, Open container, Possession/use of meth, DUI
Joseph Phillips, 77, Failure to register as sex offender
Lisa Pena, 36, possession meth, Endanger child
Gerardo Parra, 45, DWUI
Gale McArthur. 51, Kidnapping, Child endangering
Bret Maurer, 42, Theft
John Failure to register as sex offender
Gregory Kautz, 56, Unlawful entry
Nicholas Hill, 30, Forgery uttering
Richard Hernandez, 53, Failure to register as sex offender
Amanda Demoss, 42, District court warrant, failure to register as a sex offender
Eric Rupp, 45, Accessory, Conspiracy
Aubery Rozell, Jr., 66, Failure to register as sex offender, Prohibited access to school facility
Brandon Robbins, 30, Strangulation
Alexander Papin, 37, Criminal entry
Jacobb Luna, 23, DUI, possession open container, Expired or improper registration
Raymond Hammond, Jr., 36, Felon possess weapon, Assault agg threat w/ weapon, stolen property, Possession of drug paraphernalia
Darion Hamilton, 28, Failure to register as sex offender
Dystin Foster, 25, Public intoxication, Unlawful entry onto property
Robert Drummon, 60, Assault agg threat w/weapon, Strangulation of a household member