Recent arrests in Laramie County, June 15 to June 16

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LARAMIE COUNTY, Wyo. - Recent arrests in Laramie County, June 15 to June 16

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Salvador Collard, 39, Arson – Aggravated, Explosives – Intent to Harm
Michael Younger, 47, Open Container, Public Intox
Anthony Turner, 57, Public Intox
Brenda Sutton, 33, Possess Marijuana Type, Possession Meth/Amphetamine Type, Poss of Open Container
Tina Stegman, 57, Shoplifting, Resist Arrest, Possess/Use Drugs Amphetamine Type
Skye Polos, 19, Shoplifting, Possession Marijuana, Possess/Use Drugs Amphetamine Type
Kenneth Martinez, 51, Public Intoxication
Shawn Kirsch, 47, Public Intox
Justin Hasenauer, 37, Public Intox, Unlawful Acts by Owner
Harold Hanson Jr., 51, Public Intox, FTA
Jeffrey Hagstrom, 52, Interference w/Peace Officer, Stolen Property
Phillip Campbell, 38, Possession Methamphetamine Type Drug, Possession Marijuan Type, Expired or Improper Registration
Tyler Beka, 33, DUI, Open Container
Todd Alvarado, 50, Unlawful Entry onto Property, Public Intox, Open Container
Johnathan Aubin, 37, Public Intox, Refusing to Obey