Recent arrests in Laramie County, January 6 to 9

LARAMIE COUNTY, Wyo. - Recent arrests in Laramie County January 6 to 9

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Matthew Weber, 36, Possession Methamphetamine Type
John Miehlich, 46, Possession of Meth
Trystan Merryman, 21, DUI, Careless Driving, Proof of Liabilty
Daniel Lane, 35, DUI
Lillie Kuczero, 19, Possession of Meth, DUI
Seth Hill, 19, DUI
Heather Hayner, 31, Possession Marijuana, FTA, Interference with Peace Officer
Paul Griego, 53, Unlawful Entry onto Property
Grady Peoples, 47, Possession Meth/Amphetamine Type Drug
Garrett Parry, 26, DUI
Adam Pacheco Lefebre, 59, Public Intox, Open Container, Possesss/Use Drugs Amphetamine Type
Ronald McNeill, 32, District Warrant, FTA, Possession Powdery Substance
Robert McMickell, 27, Interference with Peace Officer
Richard Elbrecht II, 36, Domestic Battery
Patrick Varra, 52, Assault Agg Threat w/Weapon
Noah Schultz, 50, Domestic Battery
Afton Mitchell, 21, Theft
Donald McDaniel, 64, DUI/Drug Court Hold
Eldon Kerney, 34, Unlawful Entry onto Property
Jesse Johnson, 34, NCIC Hold, FTA, Possession Marijuana Type
Ashley Harada, 33, Sale/Del. MJ to Person <18, Sale/Del. MJ to Person <18, Sale/Del. MJ to Person <18, Possession of Liquid, Child Endangering, Child Endangering, Child Endangering
Jerrod Bulgin, 31, DUI, Duty Upon Colliding, Reckless Driving, Interference with Peace Officer
Travis Browning, 30, Wyoming Warrant
Jerome Brown, 67, Failure to Register as Sex Offender
Leroy Vasquez, 42, Possession of Powdery Substance, FTP-FTC
Max Gauna, 41, Fail to Register/Sex Offender Subsequent Violation
Matthew Brosh, 44, DUI/Drug Court Hold
Martin Swendsen, 54, DUI, Fail to Maintain Lane/Unsafe Lane Change, Driving under Cancelled/Suspended or Revoked License