Recent arrests in Laramie County, January 24-26

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (WyomingNewsNow) Recent arrests in Laramie County, January 24-26

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Alexander Yunaev, 27, Possession controlled substance, Intent to deliver, Possession controlled substance misdemeanor, attempt to conspire
Kali True, 21, DUI, Lane use
Paul Smith, 39, DUI
Steven Romero, 33, Theft, Possession of controlled substance crystal, Possession controlled substance plant
Mary Molloy, 57, Domestic Battery
Morgan McDonnell, 23, DUI
Ross Maez, 26, District court warrant, Possession meth
Andy Lovato, Jr., 46, Sale of marijuana, DUI, Suspended drivers license, Possession marijuana, Driving on left, Headlights required, Possession open container
James Lawrence, Jr., 44, Controlled substance possession, Intent to deliver, Conspiracy
Michael Kozusko, 30, False imprisonment
Eldon Kerney, 34, Unlawful entry
Israel Gonzales-Olague, 21, Strangulation of household member
Aric Gibbons, 32, Burglary, Criminal trespass, Destruction of property, Burglary tools possession
Jessie Gentry, 36, DUI
Landis Howe, 19, DWUI, Failure to maintain a single lane of travel
Sheree Garcia, 44, DUI
Christina Counts, 35, Windshield broken, DUI
Shania Combs, 21, Domestic battery
Gerald Christ, 44, Possession meth
Marie Ahebee, 27, Felony possession of controlled substance, Intent to deliver, attempt and conspire