Recent arrests in Laramie County, January 13 to 16

Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 7:23 PM CST
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Recent arrests in Laramie County, January 13 to 16

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Eric Carter, 38, Assault Agg w/Injury w/Deadly Weapon, DUI, Reckless Driving, Give Infomration, Poss of Open Container

David Nesbitt, 53, Public Intox, Loitering

Robert Padget, 40, DUI, Poss of Open Container

Fidelia Trujilo, 62, Signal Intention to Turn, DUI

Kelvin Valencia, 25, Poss Cont Sub Plant Form less than 3 oz, Speed 85/75, Driving Under Suspension

Dru Winders, 37, Child Abuse

Zamora Miranda, Alfredo, 35, Plant Form Less than 3 oz

Jacob Hannig, 20, District Court Wrnt, Theft, Motor Vehicle Theft, Assault Agg with Injury, FTA

Jessie Ebert, 46, Possession Meth/Amphetamine Type

Justin Edgley, 28, Interference with Peace Officer, WY Warrant, NCIC Hold

Phillip Hand, 50, Possess/Use Drugs Amphetamine Type, P/P Violator Arrest w/o Warrant

Lauren Miller, 36, Unlawful Entry onto Property

Pruneda, Alejandro, Jehziel, 19, FTP, Seatbelt Passenger

Trey Watson, 28, WY Warrant, FTA, Larceny, Stolen Property

Noah Brunner, 20, Destruction Property

Kyal Clements, 31, DUI

Cord Lewis, 32, Larceny

Sandra Mark, 31, Possess/Use Drugs Cocaine Type, Shoplifting

Maxine Salgado, 53, Possession Cocaine/Heroin Type

Amanda Stephens, 32, Possession Marijuana

Mary Valdez, 53, Careless Driving, DUI, Driving without Interlock Device, Duty to Stop/Personal Injury/Death, Suspended Drivers License, Probation Violation

Deborah Cypher, 67, DUI, Follow too Closely

Robert Darling, 46, DUI

Patrick Erikson, 39, Possess/Use Drugs Amphetamine Type

Joseph Furrey, 42, FTA, Possession Meth/Amphetamine Type Drug

Eldon Kim Kerney, 34, Unlawful Entry onto Property

Michael Mudge, 44, Failure to Register as Sex Offender

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