Recent arrests in Laramie County, December 9 - 13

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (WyomingNewsNow) Recent arrests in Laramie County, December 9 - 13

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Rowley Andersen, 22, Domestic battery
Samantha Andersen, 48, Failure to comply, Possession of meth
Heather Hamilton, 33, DUI, Duty to stop PD, Possession marijuana, Proof of insurance, Interference with peace officer
Richard Norris, 24, Unlawful entry, Fighting, riotous conduct
Alfred Spatz, 31, Domestic battery, Interference with an emergency call, Destruction of property
Marissa Montgomery, 24, Probation violation – felony
Shawn McNulty, 27, Domestic assault, Strangulation of a household member, Interference with emergency call
Clyde Tyler, Jr., 37, Violate protection order, Wy Warrant, Possession of meth, Violate protection order
Timothy Scherden, 27, Possession of heroin, Felony and misdemeanor, Possession other dangerous drug
Jesse Bruce, 40, Sale/Delivery of meth, Possession of meth
Jackie Bell, 54, Public intoxication, Open container
Miller McCoy, 48, DUI
Marlene Child, 21, Endangering Children
Gilbert Bustos, 63, Domestic Battery
Cheyanne Brady, 24, Sale/Del. Meth, Homicide - Criminal Negligence
Dale Abbott, 51, DUI
Edward Murray, 61, DUI
Justin Mullins, 39, Theft
James Paiva, 25, Domestic Battery, Larceny, Probation Violation, FTA