Recent arrests in Laramie County December 6-8

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 11:40 PM CST
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Recent arrests in Laramie County December 6-8

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Nicholas Carlson, 30, Fighting/Riotous Conduct, Giving a False Identity, Refusing to Obey, Resist Arrest

Elijah Blanco, 19, Speeding, Interference with Peace Officer, Possession Marijuana

Angelia Patterson, 29, Child Endangering

Desiree Lucero, 29, Possession Meth/Amphetamine Type Drug, Parole Violation

Matthew Miller, 34, FTP, Domestic Battery

Jade Lovato-Kisler, 18, Littering, Compound or Conceal, Possession MJ, Interference with Peace Officer

Ethan Hinrichs, 25, DUI

Ramona Hinsley, 39, Stolen Property

Eldon Kerney, 34, Unlawful Entry onto Property

Edward Hayward, 57, Domestic Battery

Andrew Glaub, FTA, Possession Cocaine/Heroin Type

Joey Easterwood, 30, Domestic Battery, Possession Marijuana Type

Justin Garcia, 36, DUI, Possession Marijuana Type, Poss Open Container, Following too Close

Lance Gibson, 38, Motor Vehicle Theft, FTA, Possession Marijuana Type, Possession Meth/Amphetamine Type

Elvis Carlton, 34, Interfering/Obstructing, Fighting/Riotous Conduct, Public Intox

Joshua Cecco, 29, Domestic Assault

Aaron Cole, 42, Public Intox, Unlawful Entry onto Property

Stephanie Crowley, 38, Interfering/Obstructing

Noah Stevens, 18, Larceny, Interference with Peace Officer, Control Subs/Liquor into Jail

Adam Schmidt, 35, Wyoming Warrant

Frank Trujillo, 28, DUI

Andrew Williams, 22, Robbery, Larceny, FTA

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