Recent arrests in Laramie County, December 5th – 11th

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Recent arrests in Laramie County, December 5th – 11th

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Charles Richmond, 78, 1st Degree Murder
Michael Evans, Jr., 42, Stolen property, Fleeing eluding, Reckless driving, Reckless endangering, Probation violation
Donald Kerr, 62, Battery, False imprisonment
Sean Flannigan, 26, Unlawful entry, Possession of cocaine, Attemps/Conspiracies
Wesley Benson, 25, Unlawful delivery of schedule 2 substance, Possession of schedule 2 substance, Possession of cocaine, Attempts and conspiracies
Loi Dang, 40, Felony possession of controlled substance
Thomas Dyson, Sr., 39, Child abuse
Joseph Girone, 21, Possession of meth, Possession of marijuana, Drivers license. Robbery
Nakita Duffy, 21, Domestic battery
Craig Rahman, 36, Possession of meth
Corbin Pemberton, 20, DUI, Careless driving, Fail to maintain lane, Duty to stop
Elora Trabold, 27, Burglary
Joe Stransky, 41, DUI, Speeding, DWUS, Open container, Lane use
Mark Muirhead, 50, Careless driving, DUI
Matthew Morrrison, 18, DUI, Improper lane use, Possession of marijuana
Escarcega Montano, 27, Failure report damage to vehicle, DUS 6th offense, Failure to maintain single lane, Wyoming warrant DUS 5th offense
Christian Miller, 47, Domestic battery
FDaylan Medley, 37, Shoplifting, Resist arrest, Refusing to obey
Bryan MacChesney, 32, DUI, Careless driving accident, proof of liability insurance
Gerald Leabitt, 39, Unlawful entry
Christian jones, 30, Interference with police officer, Criminal trespass, Breach of peace
Eric Jacobson, 34, DUI, Possession open container
Benjamin Henne, 37 possess contraband, DUI
Jack Heinrich, 29, Under influence controlled substance, Criminal entry, Interference with peace officer
Zachary Brown, 33, Refusing to obey, Driving under cancelled, suspended or revoked license, DUI
Samuel Biss, 39, DUI
Sheldon Bell, 27, Domestic battery
Travis Bartow, 41, Domestic battery
James Wertz, 35, Take carry away, Operate vehicle with altered plate, No liability insurance, Fail to obey, Driving under cancelled, suspended or revoked license
Brandon McCarty, 31, Domestic battery
Oliver Seager, 22, DUI
Cristopher Hare, 39, DUI, Fail to maintain lane
Joshua Bliesner, 30, Child abuse
Abdullah Yahya, 33, Possession of powdery substance
Robert Timberlake, 28, Attempt, Possession of meth