Recent arrests August 23 – 25

LARAMIE COUNTY, Wyo. - Recent arrests August 23 – 25

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Kelvin Ray Wright Jr., 25, DUS, Speed, Poss Cont Sub
Dexter Thomas, 29, Destruction Property $1,000
Skiler Stevens, 19, Burglary, Conspiracy, Interference with a Peace Officer
Dominic Stalkup, 33, Public Intoxication, Malicious Mischief, Poss of Marijuana
Molique Randolph, 21, Assault – Battery
Jeffery Pino, 57, US Marshal Hold
Vanessa Munoz, 24, Public Intox, Fightous/Riotous Conduct
Jardo Munoz, 23, FTA, Fighting/Riotous Conduct
Kayla Moody, 31, Conspiracy, Accessory
Jeannette Mendivil, 21, Interference with Peace Officer, FTP, FTA, Theft < $1,000
Martha McDowell, 58, DUI
Phillip Lopez, 43, DUI
Karli Leonhardt, 25, Larceny
Christopher Ledbetter, 44, DUI
Richard Lanphear, 73, Domestic Battery
Shawn Kirsch, 47, Public Intox
Jessica Jensen, 37, Public Intox, Fighting/Riotous Conduct
Blake Hicks, 26, Strangulation of a Household Member, Domestic Battery
Larry Guajardo, 53, Suspended Drivers License, WY Warrant, FTA
James Eagleroad, 56, Public Intox
Chacon, Pena, Edgar, 29, DUI, Child Endangerment
Toby Carter, 37, Assault Agg on a Peace Officer, Domestic Battery, destruction Property <$1,000
Michael Caldwell, 54, Public Intox
Michael Caffrey, 31, DUI
Howard Bullock Jr., 52, DUI
Aaron Briggs, 35, Public Intox
Garrett Anderson, 18, Public Intox, Unlawful Entry onto Property