RT-130, Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Snow storms in Wyoming, can last until well summer. The snow accumulation can cause the grasslands to grow rapidly becoming an igniter for wild fires.

Working on a mutual aid agreement for structural fires

Southeast Wyoming Wild-Land Academy and the Wyoming State Forestry Division, hosted a course for firefighters who aid in the relief of national wild fires.

"Rt-130 is mandatory if you're a wild-land red carded firefighter, that goes out on national deployments, so the bigger fires around the country," Firefighter and Course Instructor Rusty Dunham.

Locally the Laramie County Fire District #2 holds the RT-130 Wild-Land Fire Refresher annually to keep civilian safety first.

For those folks that live out in the wild land areas, their fears are serious when disaster strikes.

"The fear is to lose your home, for our area we have a lot of ranchers, so you lose your graze for your cattle," Firefighter and Course Instructor Rusty Dunham.

Grass land fires have a significant impact financially for ranchers and life on the prairies.

"Even grass fire is going to affect them financially, because if they lose all their graze, then they have to provide additional feed for their stock," Firefighter and Course Instructor Rusty Dunham.

L-C-F-D #2's Wild-Land Fire Program is self-sustaining, meaning that no district tax payer dollars are used to fund this program.

The RT-130 Training module shows Wyoming is taking the precautions and raising awareness to the dangers to our land, in Hopes of limiting risks in the future.