Quest Taekwondo Academy performs in tournament

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MONUMENT, CO.- The Quest Taekwondo Academy competed in a tournament in Colorado over the weekend. The Quest TKD competition team earned a total of 23 medals (13 Gold, 4 silver, 6 bronze).

Here's the results:
Traditional & Sports Poomse
Tristan Z-Silver (8-9 YO, Green belts).
Connor M (Weapons Forms) -Gold in both (10-11 YO, Yellow belts).
Dante H- Gold.
Matt H- Bronze (10-11 YO, Red belts).
Jaden Z & Kira W- Did not place (15-17 YO, Black belts).
Josiah H- Gold
Adam C- Silver (18-32 YO, Blue belts).
Juanita W- Gold (18-32 YO, Black belts).
Katelyn A- Did not place/Silver in Weapons Forms (18-32 YO, Black belts).
Leabeth H- Silver (33-40 YO, Red belts).
Troy W- Gold/bronze (41-50 YO, Black belts).