Public comment heard on preliminary plat for Center Point subdivision

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) 27 lots could be popping up on 3.69 acres of land located near Homestead Avenue in the capital city. The motion carried for the Preliminary Plat for the Center Point Subdivision on second filing. Current residents of the area are concerned with what this could mean for them and for their property.

“I love thinking that I live in the country because it’s quiet there,” said one resident. “Yeah, we’ve got the trains coming but you get used to it. Yeah, the refinery does blow up, [but] they haven’t done it for awhile.”

Concerns include an increase in traffic, the new development being flooded, and having heavier trucks and machinery on the neighborhood streets. Although council heard public comment and those concerns, they say the area does meet all of the requirements of the Unified Development Code needed for a final plat.

“Everybody should be aware if there’s a vacant lot near you, it’s probably going to get developed if it’s possible to be developed,” said Dr. Mark Rinne, City Councilman, Ward II. “So if you want to have control of it, a bunch of you should have gone together to buy it so it could have stayed that way forever otherwise it probably will be developed.”

The motion did carry but was opposed by Councilman Pete Laybourn of Ward I, Councilman Scott Roybal of Ward I, Councilman Mike Luna of Ward III, and Mayor Marian Orr.