Protect your water pipes from damage this winter

CHEYENNE, Wyo (KGWN) - As temperatures drop, deep frost and freeze-thaw cycles can expand and contract materials; causing stress on pipes and creating cracks. To avoid the expense and inconvenience of frozen and/or broken water pipes, the City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities recommends the following tips:

Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to allow warm air circulation.

Find the farthest place where your water enters the house and open the faucet a crack. A very slow drip will keep water moving and reduce the chance that pipes will freeze. Place a bucket underneath to use the water again.

Insulate pipes that may be vulnerable to the cold or have caused problems before.

Consider installing “heat tape” or similar materials on exposed water pipes.

If you have an attached garage, keep its door shut. Occasionally plumbing is routed through the unheated garages leaving it more vulnerable to winter’s worst conditions.

Be prepared and know the location of your water shut-off valve and test it regularly.

If pipes start to leak, turn the water off at the main valve to the home or business. This will help prevent leaking water from damaging the building. The pipe will need to be repaired before turning the water back on. If you need assistance locating the main water valve or shutting water off to a building, please call the water department at 637-6471. Water connects us all. Keep warm and protect those pipes.