President signs public lands bill that includes Enzi provision allowing bows through national parks

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WASHINGTON - President Trump signed a public lands bill today that included a provision by U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., that allows bows and archery equipment to be transported lawfully through national parks.

The new law provides bow owners the protection many other hunters currently have to travel across federal land as long as their equipment is secured properly and not ready for use.

“I am glad this legislation included my provision which provides common-sense protection for law-abiding citizens who need to travel across national parks to get to the land they intend to bow hunt on,” Enzi said.

Congress passed the Natural Resources Management Act with widespread bipartisan support last month. The package includes more than 100 pieces of legislation relating to public lands and natural resources across the West and strikes a balance between responsible economic development and conservation efforts. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the law will decrease spending over the next 10 years.