Preschool hosts parade for students

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Preschool students got to see their teachers Saturday despite school being cancelled for all kids whose parents aren’t considered essential workers.

Kids Works Director Kyree Corbett approaches a car during the preschool's parade in Casper, Wyo. on Saturday, April 4, 2020.

Kids Works hosted a parade so its staff could say hello and wave to their students.

Parents drove the route through Kids Works’ parking lot where staff greeted kids. Kids stayed in their cars to ensure everyone safely followed all social distancing protocols.

“They just drove by. All of the parents and kids stayed in their cars and we just waved and got to send them just virtual hugs,” Kids Works Director Kyree Corbett said.

“It was wonderful to reconnect with families and we had some grandparents that came through. Some of the kiddos had made signs to hold up and cards to give to teachers. And just to reconnect that we still think of them as part of our school family,” Kids Works owner Cheri Corbett said.

Kids weren’t the only ones having a blast at the parade. Staff members also had a great time seeing their students.

“It was exciting to see them because for the whole school year we haven’t gone more than two weeks without seeing each other, but just heartwarming for sure to see them and check in and just get to see their sweet faces and smiles,” Kyree Corbett said.

“It’s like a family reunion and it is emotional,” Cheri Corbett said.

The parade lasted about 30 minutes.

Cheri Corbett said Kids Works currently doesn’t have another parade scheduled but may have one if most kids can’t return to preschool soon.