Pine Bluffs football team youth summer camp

PINE BLUFFS, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- The Pine Bluffs football team held a three day youth camp at the beginning of this week. They had a good turnout this summer with around 35 kids participating. Head Coach Will Gray said "Place for everybody in the game of football you don't have to be the star quarterback there's a place for everybody and if they learn that at a young age and they learn how to do multiple things they can be more valuable as they are apart of a team so were trying to teach it all." The kids were put into groups and learned offense, defense, catching, throwing plus punting.

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Pine Bluffs is a close community so the football players know these kids will be at the games on Friday night supporting them. Senior Brian Steger said "Yeah its a pretty fun experience to hang out with the little kids just make a bond with them since its a small town you know every kid your close with them" and Senior Donte Jacobsen said "oh its nice to see all the little kids they come back year after year and their better than they were last year its nice to see them develop and it will be nice when I'm older and come back and watch them on Friday nights."