Petroleum Association of Wyoming discusses desired changes regarding oil and gas at annual meeting

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- The Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) held its annual meeting providing the status of oil and gas in Wyoming. According to members of the PAW, the industry produces roughly five billion dollars in economic output, providing above 1.3 billion dollars in tax revenue in Wyoming.


“The quality of life in Wyoming is high. We want to raise that bar just a little bit more every year with good economic activity. We’re working really hard to continue to provide Wyoming’s tax structure and base,” said chairman of PAW, Paul Ulrich.

However, several companies that the association looks to develop resources with, operate in other states.

“Wyoming has great resource, but we have a lot of barriers, and we have to make a climate in Wyoming that attracts those companies to move from New Mexico to Wyoming, to move from Oklahoma to Wyoming,” president of PAW, Pete Obermueller said.

In order to bring those companies to Wyoming, Obermueller believes that the association needs
To engage in Wyoming’s communities, making sure it has staff to provide those resources, and making sure it has the right structure.

“As we can streamline those federal agency relationships to allow us quicker and more economic access to public lands,” Ulrich said. “Responsibly, we’re going to have an opportunity to develop much quicker.”

The association has also been able to employ over 18,000 people and is looking to employ more.