Pet of the week: Foxy

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - Meet our pet of the week Foxy.

Foxy is a seven-year-old German shepherd mix. She did have some medical issues when she first came to the shelter. She had a tumor on her tail, which was cancerous. So, the shelter did have to amputate her tail. The vet staff did a scan to see if it was anywhere else, and she is now cancer free.

She's great with everyone and everything except for cats. She's trained and can also jump on a trampoline.

Operation Santa Paws did end and the community came out in full force to help the shelter.

For more information on Foxy check out the interview from the morning show.

If I could just do a quick thanks for everyone who donated to Operation Santa Paws as well? I've attached a picture of the donations we received!