Parents balancing work and home school teaching during COVID-19 pandemic

Published: Apr. 20, 2020 at 10:11 PM CDT
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It's been about a month since schools took to online learning for the rest of the school year leaving parents in the unknown with balancing teaching and working.

Some parents are able to work from home like Rhianna Brand with Grace for 2 Brothers but it still isn't easy.

"The technology piece, we have one computer, its hard because I need to work and he needs to do school"

Many parents have been out of school for awhile, so they are brushing up on K-12 education.

"There are some learning curves that are happening" Rhianna says "Uhm as a mom for sure, just things to remember that we don't utilize all the time."

And for essential parents who have to still go into the office, like Larissa Barrett, home school teaching looks different for her and her family.

Larissa says she has had to change her schedule around to go into work earlier to leave early, that way she can get home to help go over her kids school work.

While her husband does work from home right now, he is in meetings most of the day, so she expects her kids to get their school work done by themselves for the most part.

"You know, the kids are computer savvy enough to try and guide themselves and they work on things through out the day" Larissa says "Then when I get home I sit down with each of them and I go through those assignments for that day"

Pulling double duty for Larissa isn't easy she told me doing both is exhausting.

As for next year, Larissa is hoping school goes back to session but if it does not she says there is room for improvement.

Larissa added "I would like to see some uniformity and possibly even some YouTube instructional videos from the teachers."

Virtual learning is new for parents and teachers, but Rhianna and Larissa want teachers to know how thankful they are and how much the teachers are missed.