Papa Johns staying safe and staying open

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) "We are safe but we are open." Is the message this Papa Johns franchise owner wants the community to know.

"That's kind of our simple message that we #1 have a safe environment that we operate in, and the second is now that we've been deemed essential from the government and we're open, so safe and open is our message," Lamont Muchmore, President & Owner of the Papa Johns located on Lincolnway in Cheyenne said.

Unfortunately locally business have seen their dining rooms closed for the foreseeable future but that has worked to the advantage of this particular pizza chain supply.

"We've seen an influx in business it's gone up. We've seen a lot of new applicants, a lot of people aren't working right now , maybe a lot of people aren't hiring where as for us it's the exact opposite."

"So in that sense it's been absolutely wonderful we've had all kinds of people tell us that they want to work for us and we're building a crew to meet the demand as it keeps increasing," Brandon Clark General Manager of the Papa Johns in Cheyenne said.

The Marketing Director for the J.L.M.N Enterprise had this to say.

"And we continue to maintain and establish trust with new customers as well as old who enjoy the Papa Johns brand."