Online sales tax passes the house

Published: Jan. 18, 2017 at 12:14 AM CST
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The Sales From Remote Sellers Bill passed the house today and would create tax revenue from sellers who don't have a store in Wyoming. It's an attempt to even the playing field between online business and local shops.

Any online stores or retailers would be subject to the sales in wyoming from the remote sellers bill. This bill falls in line with the recent announcement from amazon.

"Amazon is going to voluntarily collect tax and remit it which is great, which is great." Representative Cathy Connolly said, "And so, you know, this just then brings some of those other companies in line as well."

Lawmakers in favor of the bill say it would help small businesses who are hurting from the increase in online shopping.

Here's how the bill would work:

If an online shop has either shipped goods to Wyoming residents worth 100 thousand dollars or more or has shipped 200 or more items to Wyoming, that shop would add a sales tax to the order that they'd collect from the buyer and then pass on to the state of Wyoming. The amount of the tax would depend on which Wyoming county the item was shipped to.

"We're taxing, but in the same way that we tax everything else." Connolly said, "It's just equity, it's just fairness."

The bill now moves over to the senate where supporters hope it passes quickly.