Oldest living Eastern Shoshone tribal member celebrates 100th birthday

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FORT WASHAKIE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Rose Harris admits she was surprised she made it to 100 years old. Her celebration was Monday in Fort Washakie, where Rose has spent the majority of her life. Rose had a simple message for how to make it to 100.

Rose Harris blows out her birthday candles at Morning Star Care Center in Fort Washakie.

"Work hard and stay healthy, that's about it," Harris said.

Rose and her husband spent decades as ranchers."It's a hard job, you have to do a lot. I rode horses after cows all the time and I enjoyed that," Harris said.

Rose said a lot has changed over the years, what hasn't changed is how proud she is to be an Eastern Shoshone tribal member.

"It just feels good to be there, I'm glad I am a member," Harris said.

The celebration began at Morning Star Care Center and finished at Rocky Mountain Hall where family and friends gathered to celebrate Rose. Dozens came, including Rose's son Swede. Swede said growing up, his mother and father took everyone in as their own.

"Her and my dad never turned anybody away that needed help and they weren't well off people," Swede said.

Rose said many years ago, she and her husband used to make a dollar a day but that's what they had to live on. Swede said his mother's hard work and belief in God has gotten her to where she is today.