Oil and Gas lease sale brings about $29 million to Wyoming

Published: Sep. 21, 2018 at 9:50 AM CDT
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A significant oil and lease sale has brought in about $61 million dollars, of that, about $29 million will go back to Wyoming for roads and schools.

Deputy Secretary at the Department of the Interior David Bernhardt says the sale is significant because it's the first lease sale where the DOI worked with governors to protect state wildlife corridors for big game and ensuring the states interest in managing wildlife.

This sale is part of a big commitment while working with 11 other states to develop specific corridors the states want to protect during lease sales.

Deputy Secretary Bernhardt also talked about the Endangered Species Act, and how the DOI is working with Sen. Barrasso and Governor Mead on making the act work better for species, states and people.

For more information on the Endangered Species act and how the Department of Interior continues to work to protect Sage Grouse check out the interview from the morning show.