Officer Kevin Malatesta will return to patrol next year

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -- At the end of the year, Kevin Malatesta will be headed back to patrol and a new face will represent the Cheyenne Police Department. The Public Information Officer (PIO) is the person who notifies the community when information needs to be disseminated.

Officer Malatesta was the PIO for three years. When he first started the job, he wrote press releases to send to media outlets around Cheyenne. He still sends out releases, but social media has changed things. Now, it's a part of the job and the Police Department can now send information out directly to the public.

One thing Officer Malatesta tried to do while in the job was making sure that some of the posts on Facebook were funny. He said he threw in his corny sense of humor and "dad jokes." While there were a lot of humorous posts from the Cheyenne Police Department from Malatesta, he said a few memorable posts are when he picked on PT Cruisers and when they decided to "cancel crime" because of the weather. He said no one wants to work when it's nine below and windy.

Officer Kevin Malatesta will be done at the end of the year. At that point, a new officer will step in and fill the position.