Northwest College marketing

Published: Dec. 8, 2019 at 10:10 PM CST
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All scholarly institutions rely on attendance for funding. And when numbers drop, so does the money. For community colleges in Wyoming, the same rules apply. And with the recent drop in unemployment, among other factors, community colleges statewide have seen their numbers plummet.

Stefani Hicswa is the President of Northwest College in Powell. She says the school has implemented a new marketing program that they hope will boost enrollment. She says that while their institution can't afford millions of dollars for a marketing campaign, their foundation has earmarked funds to help Northwest compete for the attention of local students.

Carey Williams is the director of Communications and Marketing for Northwest. She says their focus is on reaching a variety of audiences, using social media, video advertising, Google and Bing Search and other methods.

“We’re doing the targeted messaging at those audiences, so when they get to the website, they can learn some more about Northwest College, they can fill out information and kind of get them into our funnel for recruiting,” Williams says.

But their battle is an uphill one. Hicswa explains that not only are they competing with other community colleges and the University of Wyoming for students, they have to deal with a new competitor: for-profit institutions.

Hicswa says through the new marketing campaign, they hope to raise awareness of how much their school has to offer to students in the Big Horn Basin - with prices and class offerings that best serve their communities.