New senior game warden in Cheyenne

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (RELEASE) - Ryan Bagley was recently named Senior Game Warden in Cheyenne.

Warden Bagley graduated from Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in April 2017. He was assigned as a game warden in the Sheridan Region where he worked on watercraft safety enforcement at Keyhole Reservoir and Lake Desmet. He briefly served as a game warden in Cheyenne in early 2018 before transferring to Glendo in April and then to Cody in September for the fall hunting season.

Bagley grew up in Fairview, Wyo., and graduated from Star Valley High School. After four years active duty in the Marines he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Wyoming in 2015. As a student, he was a member of the Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society at the University of Wyoming.

He began his wildlife career as a volunteer at the Wyoming Game and Fish Wildlife Forensic and Fish Health Laboratory, working on tooth aging, DNA standards and fish health. He was offered an internship at the lab, which then led to a six-month lab technician job.

As a student, he also volunteered for Green River Wildlife Biologist Tony Mong on a mule deer trapping project, and assisted with an elk study that looked at predator-prey dynamics and using GPS technology to study how elk and hunters use beetle-killed forests.

As a senior game warden, his district covers all of Laramie County. “I’m looking forward to working with the sportsmen and women of Laramie County. I encourage the public to contact me with any questions and to report any wildlife violations by calling the Stop Poaching Tip Line at 1-877-WGFD-TIP.”

His passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors led him to seek employment with Game and Fish. When he’s not hunting or fishing, he enjoys mountain biking, shooting sports and building furniture. Ryan and his wife, Molly, have a two year old daughter.