New gift shop opened in the Cheyenne Regional Airport

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -- The new gift shop in the Cheyenne Regional Airport is an extension of the Museum Depot gift shop in the Downtown Cheyenne Depot. The decision to move into a space in the airport was approved by the Depot Board. It is located across from the ticket counter at the new airport terminal.

Donna Arnold, the museum manager, said that they're still working on what hours the store will have. She said, "We're just trying to find the right time and I think that will be something that will change as we develop."

When it comes to the airport side of things, Tim Barth, the Cheyenne Regional Airport Director of Aviation, said that it's one step in the airport joining the "big leagues." Barth said, "I think it goes to show that there is community commitment This was obviously a venture by the gift shop to come out here and make this venture, but it also goes to show you that we're moving away from the vending machines that we have and the coffee machines and that we're turning into more and more of a real full-service airport every day."