New course at UW breaks down Wyoming taxes

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LARAMIE, Wyo - Ever wonder how sales and property taxes are determined and why they differ from county to county? A new course by the University of Wyoming Extension community development team walks curious citizens through the basics.

“Wyoming Tax Facts” covers who gets taxed, how we get taxed and where the money goes. It’s free at the UW extension website.

“This course is for all ages and could serve as a great middle school or high school classroom activity,” says Michelle Pierce, community development educator in Campbell County.

The self-paced course provides a short, easy-to-read introduction to taxation in the state, plus interactive questions, activities and videos.

For more information, contact Pierce at (307) 682-7281 or

“Wyoming Tax Facts” is among the many courses, videos and guides from UW Extension that help extend skills in gardening, pruning, canning, small acreage management, critter care, estate planning and more.

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