New bill makes it easier to save lives across state lines.

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CHEYENNE, Wyo (KGWN) The EMS Licensure Interstate Compact would allow Wyoming to enter an agreement with surrounding states so first responders could adhere to the same set of rules.

Courtesy: MGN Online

The agreement aims to do several things. One of those is to increase public access to EMS personnel. Right now Wyoming has already entered compact agreements for doctors and nurses.

With a compact already in place for EMS personnel in our surrounding states, Wyoming paramedics and EMT's would be able to travel across state lines and provide the same level of service in other states. Likewise, Wyoming medical leaders would know EMS personnel entering our state share our qualifications.

"What this allows is there to be kind of an umbrella over a group of states in this compact format that says we're going to have standardization," Representative Eric Barlow said, "And we're going to all live within these same rules to the benefit of both the folks providing these services and to our citizens."

This bill could also help Wyoming's counties bordering other states by increasing medics that could respond to emergencies. The bill passed the committee of the whole Monday afternoon.