New Mediterranean Cafe Open in Sunrise Shopping Center

Published: Oct. 9, 2019 at 1:12 PM CDT
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Sweet Zoey's Mediterranean Cafe has been open in the sunrise shopping center for about two months now.

It all started when Zoey herself began to make baklava and sell it at local markets.

"For me it's been a year making baklava and sell it in farmers market and like these events in Casper. And then after one year I opened this place as you see, so yeah, this is the story behind Sweet Zoey." Said Zoey Aldahash.

And thought it may have started with baklava, they serve so much more than that.

"So we do all the coffee drinks and tea. We make Turkish coffee, English tea, What we have is special east... It's something special from the middle east and also from Turkey and from Greece."

And beyond drinks, they have traditional Middle Eastern food, which all looks very delicious.

But it wasn't always their plan to own a cafe.

In fact, both Zoey and her husband are engineers, and they originally lived in Iraq.

But life there was unstable and dangerous, and Zoey couldn't find a job, even with a degree.

"It's not safe in Iraq, and I can't work there. It's basically I... When I graduated at an architect, I tried to find a job and then someone told me you can't work here, you're a woman,I was like 'what?', no life for me. And we were lucky to like, run away, lets say."

But here in Casper, Zoey used her degree by working for an architect business downtown and her talent for cooking and baking to chase her dreams and open up Sweet Zoey's Cafe, a one of a kind in what she believes to be the entire state of Wyoming.

"We're here, I'm here, I'm like, doing, having a dream come true lets say, so this is, so many reasons, but the most important thing is i'm alive. Here, I'm alive."

You can visit Zoey and taste some of her delicious food in the Sunrise Shopping Center, and they're open during the following hours;

Monday 10:30AM–2PM, 5–8PM

Tuesday 10:30AM–2PM, 5–8PM

Wednesday 10:30AM–2PM, 5–8PM

Thursday 10:30AM–2PM, 5–8PM

Friday 10:30AM–2PM, 5–8PM

Saturday 10:30AM–3PM

Sunday Closed