New Evansville mayor hopes to gain public trust

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 6:31 PM CDT
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The town of Evansville swore in a new mayor last week and he hopes to gain the public’s trust. He says his experience on the city council helped prepare him for this position.

“I felt very comfortable moving forward. I believe it’s one of my jobs to earn back the public trust in the system and their elected officials,” said Chad Edwards, Evansville Mayor.

Sheena Hixon, council member 4, said in an email all of her reasons why she appointed him.

“He's level headed and easy to approach and willing to listen to others when someone else has an opposing view. Also, solution-focused when it comes to facing challenges, which is great to have in a leader. And he's always first to run the numbers and shop around for the best deal and makes sure the budget covers what the town needs while staying in the black,” Hixson said.

The former mayor pleaded guilty for asking a police officer to use their equipment for background checks for job candidates for a company she managed.