New Casper designated driver service will take you and your car home

 Manager of Casper BuDDies Chris Luckow will help bring people home safe.
Manager of Casper BuDDies Chris Luckow will help bring people home safe. (KCWY)
Published: Nov. 25, 2019 at 6:15 PM CST
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People who drive for Casper BuDDies will come and find the customer and the customer and their car home. Another driver follows the driver in the customer’s car. Casper Buddies is expanding from BuDDies 2C, LLC in Nampa, Idaho.

Owners say they are happy to be back in their home town.

"To date, we've helped over 1600 people in over 1000 vehicles get home safe and sound,” said Karla Luckow, Casper BuDDies owner.

Luckow said they are insured like a rideshare program and don’t have commercial insurance.

"Legally, car owners are supposed to be insured under their own policy. Our drivers have full coverage insurance and it covers us in whatever vehicle we're in” Luckow said.

Unlike rideshare, customers can’t ride in Casper BuDDies’ car unless there are too many people to fit safely.

"You end up with six people in a four-passenger vehicle. Those other two people could ride in ours just because we have to have the safety restraints. We are providing a safe feature for them to get home" Luckow said.

Luckow said she and her husband aren’t passionate about this because it makes money, but because it helps people be safe.

“We all know somebody...went to school with somebody have somebody in our lives that drunk driving effects. It's just horrible,” she said.

For information about Casper BuDDies rates, click the link to the right.

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